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12:23 KennethD: Vwheino
11:52 Karsten_vw: Enig (;
11:51 Karsten_vw: Haha?
11:25 Dillen: Jeg mener, at McDonalds Drive-in er penge lige ud af vinduet.
11:41 RedBull_Dk: Er VWmorten stadig aktiv herinde?
17:39 bjornen: hvordan er bagtøjet på en jagtvogn fra 1977
10:28 Torkild fra Osted: I ønskes alle en glædelig jul og et godt nytår.

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  1986 Caravelle til salg/for sale..BILLIGT!


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Help! We need to leave our beloved VW caravelle bus behind! We've been maintaining it for a few years, it's been regularly serviced, had lots of work done on it. Right now it's midway through repairs so is not moving until someone finishes the job, but we are leaving Denmark and can't take it with us, or finish the repairs.

It's a beautiful bus, looks well cool (that retro 1980's look is so now), and it's breaking our heart to say goodbye to it, but is there anyone out there, with a head for mechanics and a love of Caravelles who will give it a good home? And of course give us a reasonable payment for the old girl?

Here's the details, in English and the best Danish we can manage:

-VW CARAVELLE BUS -cool for camping
-1986 -metallic green
-engine replaced 2008 -converts to sleeper
-9 seater -vintage retro style

-'9 personer' -1 år til syn -nye hjullejer -sommer og vinterdæk
-1,6 TURBO DIESEL -nyt batteri -lille kørekort.

We only have so much time before we leave so quick responses will be greatly appreciated. Because it needs to be transported to it's new owner, there is a possibility we can do that. We are in the Aarhus Amt area.

We are selling cheap, hopefully so the bus will go to a good home, and because we need to do this quickly. We don't want to have to sell the bus for parts only if we can at all find someone who wants to finish the repairs. But we'll also take any offer seriously at this stage.

(permalink) vwoderwat Administrator
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Try ...

Helsinki77 ØrleDeLaks69 Variant63
mikka_dahunga(ät)hotmailcom tlf 5o11o667 Hedehusene
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(permalink) DukeOfDenmark Member
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ca price..
And is it running..???

(permalink) Caravellecrazy Member
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Dear Duke of Denmark,

We are mid repairs, i.e: not running.

Can run though, but we haven't the time to sort it. But needs someone who just wants to make a caravelle run, I suppose. For someone who likes a bit of a tinker.

If I had the time I'd get it fixed up myself, but no time, so has to be towed (I think we can get it towed perhaps) and low price due to need for quick sale.

I am trying to avoid it being sold for parts if would be good if it could be sold because someone wants to drive the whole bus.

Rather indelicate to mention price at this junction, but it is painfully low. We paid 26,000 (twenty six thousand) kroner for it in 2006. It was already well loved then, and had been kept ticking along nicely by an enthusiast. We've kept the work up and put money into it.

We are asking under 10,000 (under ten thousand kroner). The cheap price appears to be putting people off though, but it's only because we need it rehomed as soon as possible. And it is a buy with strings, it needs the repairs doing.


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Trying to get the right picture...

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Okay, i now have a picture of the bus, and I have some better ones to come...

side of bus.jpg

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MMM, for some reason the front and back of the bus is missing. Anyway, you can see it is GREEN.

I'll be back.

front of bus.jpg

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Looks like a job for the 'skrot' man.


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